iPhone Screen Repairs

Here at iPhone Repair Shop, we offer repair services on a wide range of iPhones. Our iPhone repair services are available for the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the new iPhone 4S.

If you are experiencing dead pixels, uneven backlighting, light leaks or other screen defects, we can easily fix your screen.

These defects can develop without user damage and can really detract from the visual experience, especially on the newer retina displays.

iPhone Repairs

Other Repairs for iPhones

Other iPhone repairs that we do include:

Water Damage

We repair iPhones that are cosmetically damaged or have water damage. With water damage there is a good chance that we can get your iPhone back to life even in the worst case of water damage. There is chance that it's only the battery that's damaged.

Screen Repair Price List

If there is a repair that you want done, but is not on the list below, please call.

If you are not sure about anything or don't see a price for something you are looking for, then please feel free to call us. We are not just an online business. We are based in Central London so you can come and visit us anytime Monday - Friday 9am-6pm.

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